BJP sweeps ZP Bye-polls

18 Oct 2022 06:08 PM

The ZP bye-polls ended on a high note for the BJP after the saffron party secured 2 of the 3 constituencies. Independent candidate Mercianavaz, wife of Cortalim MLA Alton vaz, who is also backed by the BJP, emerged victorious in Cortalim. The congress meanwhile failed to impress with a poor performance in all three ZP constituencies.

The BJP dominated the Bye-polls to Davorlim and Reis magos while Merciana Vas, wife of BJP ally Alton Vas emerged victorious in Cortalim. The congress, meanwhile, suffered a humiliating defeat as the grand old party is still under damage control. RG and AAP however,

debuted in the ZP polls, both with more vote share than the congress in Reis Magos. AAP especially made a major dent to the BJP’s victory trailing by 700 odd votes. The fiery party, RG, meanwhile failed to make a significant impact despite rampant campaigning.

PareshNaik, BJP’s candidate from Davorlim, managed to win with a margin of roughly 500 votes over AAP’s SiddeshBhagat with 4080 votes to his name. The Congress, however, suffered a major defeat with 1089 votes, 10.79% of the vote share.


Merciana Vas, wife of MLA Alton vas meanwhile enjoyed a thumping victory with 4453 votes, or 58% of the vote share, followed by Independent candidate Lesley Gama with 1511 votes.

Congress meanwhile suffered a harrowing defeat here too, coming in third. AAP meanwhile performed the poorest, with only 293 votes, making up 3.82% of the vote share.


SandeepBandodkar, BJP’s star in Reis Magos, ruled the polls with 5345 votes, making up 65.87% of the total vote share.

RG-backed independent candidate SainathKorgaonkar meanwhile came in second with 13.57% of the vote share. Congress meanwhile came in last, indicating the lack of confidence and campaigning by the chief opposition party.

BJP leaders meanwhile took pride in the party’s win, decimating the congress and AAP. BJP state president, SadanandShetTanavadewhile speaking to the media expressed satisfaction and predictability of the win. 

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