05 Sep 2022 07:12 PM

The IIT at Sanguem has been proposed on government land and so we do not to ask anyone for any land the Chief Minsiter Dr Pramod Sawant aid today, expressing confidence that the IIT would indeed come up in Sanguem

The IIT has been mired in a bit of controversy after a section of people have been consistently opposing it. Not the chief minister said that he had refrained from making any official announcement as the agreement between IIT and the government was pending.  He said that around 5,000 people would be residing at the campus and lots of job and business opportunities for the locals would be created.

“The land that we have identified at Sanguem in govt land. We will not have to take the land from anyone else. …… We have informed the IIT team to come here and inspect. After that the agreement will be signed. There is slight delay in survey but we are ready for setting up the IIT,” 

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