Traffic flow at Panaji on Carnival day1

21 Feb 2020 05:40 PM

Its carnival time again. Three days of merrymaking will begin after the King Momo reads out his decree starting off the carnival merry making that will end on ash Wednesday.

The Carnival 2020 celebrations begin with the float parade from the Capital city on Saturday. The floats will start from 3 in the afternoon from Old Secretariat building. The parade will end at Kala Academy. All the floats will then be parked at the Gymkhana Ground Campal.

In view of the carnival  diversions and change in flow of traffic have been made by Traffic Police on the day of floats parade.  

Here is the Outgoing Traffic Plan

Vehicles proceeding towards Ribandar Old Goa from Panaji city will be diverted towards KTC Circle Merces Circle Ribandar-Merces junction to come on to Ribandar Causeway and proceed  to their destination.  Vehicles coming from Old Goa-Ribandar to Panaji from Ribandar Causeway will be diverted at Ribandar Patto junction towards Chimbel junction to proceed to Merces Junction. The outgoing traffic from Miramar side will take right turn from Campal Ganesh to proceed via Fire Brigade Junction Madhuban Junction Bhatlem Neugi Nagar Bridge to KTC Bus Stand. In view of ban of entry of vehicles into the city, no heavy/commercial vehicles are allowed to enter the city.

And here is the Incoming Traffic Plan

The traffic coming into Panaji city will be diverted at Goa Konkani Academy tri-junction to proceed via old Patto Bridge Joao Castro Road Jose Falcao Road Church Square to reach to their respective destinations. Vehicles coming from new Mandovi Bridge and from Bambolim side to enter Panaji City will not be allowed to enter via Divja Circle. They will be diverted to enter via Konkani Academy tri-junction Old Patto Bridge.

Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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