Local authorities, Railways & AAI begin Coronavirus test at all points

20 Mar 2020 06:39 PM

The spread of the COVID-19 has created panic across the country. All government departments and the health authorities are on their toes working to curb the spread of the virus. Here is the update of the awareness and safety measures taken across the state.

Now the checking for Coronavirus has begun at the Railway stations. On Friday, Deputy Chief Medical officer at Margao Railway station said that they have begun the check and till date no cases of Coronovirus have been detected.

Meanwhile the NCP on Friday  requested the Government to give free masks to the people.

Chief Cfficer of Mapusa Municipal Council Clen Madeira said that vendors shall ensure that their cooks, waiters and helpers use facemasks and sanitise their hands before cooking and serving the customers. Orders have been passed to seize all unauthorized and illegal handcarts dispensing food items in the municipal jurisdiction. The municipal inspectors are also directed to stop all illegal and unauthorized sale of pan masala, gutka and allied products.

Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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