Arossim locals oppose hotel project in village

19 Dec 2021 06:31 PM

The Arossim villagers are out on streets to object about hotel projects coming up in their village. The villagers have threatened to hold fasts unto death if the government fails to address their grievances against the proposed third hotel project in their village.

Arrosim villagers held a protest against the panchayat and government for granting permission to a big hotel project in the area. Locals said fields and water bodies are facing threats due to this project.

They filed several complaints with TCP, CRZ and panchayat but nobody has replied to their complaints. Panchayat is targeting only small dwellings, not big buildings, locals complained. Former Cortalim MLA and AAP Leader Alina Saldanha also extended her support to aggrieved villagers.

Reporter: HIru Mahale | Desk: Sameep Narvekar

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