No tarif increase; 95% North coastal power issues solved by May: Nilesh

14 Jan 2020 07:12 PM

The power tariffs have not gone up. Only the tariffs are rationalized for those who use higher amounts of electricity. The Power Minister Nilesh Cabral on Tuesday spoke about the various improvements made in his department to ensure that there is no load shedding and power cuts.

The electricity department  has been criticised on all fronts by people especially on the coastal belts. The power minister on Tuesday spoke about how the department had rationalised the tariff without increasing it.

Nilesh gave details on various improvements and his plans for the future with regard to power situation even as he admitted that there were things still to be done. He promised that they would ensure 24 hours power supply to the state; but as of now he would ensure that 95% of the problems of the coastal belt were solved by May. He also said that they were in the process of upgrading the various power stations all over the state. 

Desk: Glenn Costa

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