Babush to quit GFP, contest as independent against BJP in Panaji

बाबुश सोडटा गोवा फॉरवर्ड, उबो रावता पणजेच्यान अपक्ष

22 Mar 2019 06:56 PM

abush Monserrate has decided to quit Goa Forward. He is planning to contest as an independent for Panaji by-election.

He is the vice president of the party as well as the chairman of the greater Panaji PDA. This is the second time Babush is contesting as an independent.

Last time, in 2017, he had lost against former BJP MLA Siddharth Kunkolkar. But did not contest when Manohar Parrikar came back and a by-election was held.

He started ruling Taleigao, dethroning Somnath Juwarkar and then shifted to St Cruz, making his wife Jennifer the Taleigao MLA. Listen to what he told Goa365 on phone.

Goa Forward general secretary Mohandas Lolienkar said Babush is leaving because party has taken a firm stand not to contest against their alliance partner – the BJP. He has also wished him all the best in his future political journey. 

Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Glenn Costa | Camera: Shyam Chari | Editing: Nitin Josalkar

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