Not yet got appointment to meet CM, administration suffering: Cong

07 Nov 2018 08:23 PM

The Congress on Wednesday said that they have still not got a reply to the request for an appointment with the chief minister.

They also alleged that the administration in the state was at a all time low and giving an example of the inaugurated emergency care unity and 108  which they alleged was non functional. 

 The Congress had requested for an appointment with the chief minister after he was back in the state. However, they say that they have still not got one.

The Congress also has been alleging that the chief minister is not able to administer the state properly due to his illness and the state is suffering.

Congress spokeperson Amarnath Panjikar said that the newly inaugurated emergency centre and the 108 were not functioning properly and the government needed to look into this. 

Desk: Glenn Costa | Camera: Yeshwant Parab

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