Trajano accuses Revenue minister over missing Serula communidade files

शेणिल्ल्या फायलींक महसूलमंत्रीच जबाबदार : ट्रॉजन

05 Dec 2018 07:24 PM

Lokancho Adhar president Trajan D’ Mello accused Revenue minister Rohan Khaunte of not taking any action in the Serula land grab case.

Trajon has sent legal notice to Khaunte on the issue. 

Trajan a former chief spokesman of Goa Forward said that Khaunte had attacked the government on the purpoted illegalities in the Serula communidade when in opposition.

When Khaunte became a part of government and Shrinath Kothawale was appointed as the inquiry officer in the Serula communidade case, he had found some files missing.

But the Revenue minister had still not initiated  any action in the matter, he alleged, alluding that there could be reasons for this.

Trajano alleges that no action would be taken against former tourism minister as his party had threatened to expose him in case any action taken.

Desk: Sameep Narvekar | Camera: Irshad Shaikh | Editing: Jaidatt Dessai

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