Politicians disgusted, including BJP, fear end of democracy

भाजपाची राजकी खेळी : भाजपाचेय फुडारी बेजारल्यात, म्हणटात-लोकशायेक धोको

11 Jul 2019 07:55 PM

Many parties and many politicians have reacted in many ways about the ongoing political turmoil with 10 Congress MLAs merging their group into BJP. Even BJP leaders are upset.

But there is one common thread. Everybody has expressed disgust the way in which BJP has weakened the opposition in spite of running a stable government.

Many BJP leaders and activists are shocked and even hurt with the move of chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant to admit 10 more Congress MLAs into the party by engineering a so called legal split. But hardly anyone has come forward to speak, except veteran leaders like Rajendra Arlekar.

 Sanguem Independent MLA Prasad Gaonkar was not a minister but was supporting the BJP-led coalition. But even he is surprised. He plans to continue supporting the government as long as it runs. But he is raising some vital questions. 

 MGP was dropped from the coalition even before Lok Sabha election while getting two of their three MLAs into the BJP. And now another two third split in the Congress. Similar to what’s happening in Karnataka.

MGP President Deepak Dhavalikar has thus come out with an interesting demand. Watch what he says.

Goa Suraksha Manch leader Subhash Velingkar feels that original BJP has vanished and Congress is dominating in the party. Thus people will now choose GSM as the substitute.

The more enraged among all are the BJP leaders and workers, whose rival Congress MLAs have now joined the BJP.

Some of them speak out openly while former MLAs like Kiran Kandolkar are still being diplomatic. His rival Nilkanth Halarnkar is now the BJP MLA. 

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