02 Jul 2022 06:46 PM

The approach road to Ponda at Khandepar, which has been closed for five years, needs to be restarted immediately. The administration woke up after the locals made a noise and the local MLA has taken cognizance especially as lives of school going children are in question here. Here are the details.

The bridge approach road on the highway at Khandepar has remained incomplete for the last five years. Large Lorries and other heavy vehicles pass through the old bridge and as the service road of the old bridge is closed, this endangers the lives of people as well as students. Listen to what the locals have to say.

There is an approach road in this area. But the work is incomplete. If the road is constructed with a retaining wall, heavy vehicles will be allowed to pass through the road and the load on the main road will be reduced. Locals informed MLA Ravi Naik that the lives of children studying in nearby schools are in danger due to the current heavy traffic. Listen to Sandeep Parkar.

After the matter came to the attention of the local MLA and Agriculture Minister, Ravi Naik, he discussed the matter in the meeting and ordered an inspection. Ravi Naik told the media that the chief engineer had been sent to Delhi with a proposal for the work. Lets see when this work is finally done. Listen to Ravi.  

Reporter: Krishna Naik | Desk: Jawahar Barve

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