GU hikes exam fees, ABVP threatens strike

12 Dec 2019 07:09 PM

Fee hike is becoming a major issue all over India in many universities. From JNU to IITs to Ayurvedic college in Uttarakhand to National Law College of Banglurur. And now, also in Goa.

The Goa University has hiked the examination fees for all the non-professional exams.

Some by 30 per cent and some by even 60 per cent.

The ABVP has served a deadline of one month, failing which they will also come on the road.

ABVP belongs to the Sangh Parivar of ruling BJP government. But even they are furious because the academic council decided about it in the middle of the academic year, in September.

They want all the hikes to be withdrawn, no rise of a single rupee. 

Reporter: Sameep Narvekar | Desk: Sameep Narvekar | Camera: Amar Chawaria

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