Fracas at Cansaulim gram sabha over hotel project

27 May 2018 05:59 PM

The gram sabha of Cansaulim Arossim Cuelim Panchayat held on Sunday was abruptly stopped amidst high drama over a hotel project between gram sabha members and panchayat body.

The sarpanch walked abruptly away leaving the members agitated. 


The meeting started with the discussion on seven-star hotel project at Arossim against which the villagers have raised their strong objections.

There were heated discussions whether the gram sabha resolutions are binding on panchayat or not.

The gram sabha members in the past had opposed the hotel project in the village while the new Panchayat body gave a green signal to the project. This created a furore at the gram sabha.

Members questioned Sarpanch Martha Saldanha as to why the panchayat changed its stand on the hotel project.

After the heated discussion on the issue, the sarpanch abruptly concluded the meeting and left the hall. This left the gram sabha members agitated and angry.

Reporter: HIru Mahale

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