Bahujan Samaj rejects proposed introduction of TDR

18 Jul 2018 09:03 PM

The Bahujan Samaj of Goa has rejected the proposed introduction of transfer of development of rights, contract farming, RP2021 and gazette changes.

They have said the government amended the original Agricultural Tenancy Act 1976 and slowly diluted it.

Representatives of Goenchea Kul Mundkarancho Awaaz, United Bahujan of Goa and Gawadas, Kunabi, Velip and Dhangar federation addressed media persons on Wednesday.

They said this is yet another attempt to snatch away the land of the tillers and hand it over to the greedy builders and corporations.

They said implementation of such policies when lakhs of cases are pending in various courts of Goa seeking justice for the tenants will spell doom to tenants. 

Desk: Bureau | Camera: Shyam Chari

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