This Sattari’s village still lives in the dark

14 May 2018 06:25 PM

Vainguinim Village in Sattari is still devoid of some basic facilities. No proper electricity and no road connectivity, the village situated in the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary has a population of 50 individuals that are totally disconnected from the rest of the settlements.

Just 25 kilometres away from Valpoi nearly 5 kilometres walking into the forest, one will find this village.

This village has the population of 50. According to them, the elders of the village are the only ones residing here, rest have left in search of jobs and better livelihoods.

They may be just 50, but don’t they deserve the amenities that of a citizen of the country? 

Reporter: Mahesh Govekar | Desk: Clinton Dsouza | Editing: Nitin Josalkar

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