Offline examinations, physical classes a must: section of students

13 Oct 2021 07:04 PM

Protests to demand online exams had become routine story. However, todays scenario was just the opposite. Students turned are out on the street to demand offline exams and classes in physical form. The protestors said that this was of the utmost necessity to save the future of students.

On Wednesday, a rally was held by PTA and student council of K B Hegdewar high school at Azad Maidan to demand offline examinations. Vilas Satarkar, Principle of Hegdewar said the suggestion has been made by students as their mentality has changed by studying at home. Student and parents too supported this demand. Government should reopen the school in phased manner following the SOPs.

Vaccine for below age group of 18 have not yet come. In case the third wave breaks, children would be vulnerable to covid as they are yet to be vaccinated. As a result, government is in a tight spot on whether to restart schools. However, the principle said it would take time for this vaccination for childrens and the government  to wait that long. 

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