I will do it if you cannot: Benaulim MLA’s open challenge to Govt.

23 Nov 2022 04:33 PM

Pollution of river Sal has become a limelight issue in Benaulim. While Benaulim’s MLA VenzyVeigas has been pushing to clean the river, the government seems to lack motivation on the matter. Venzy with the help of the Delhi government has brought in a consultant to find a viable solution to clean the river.

With a timeline of just 80-90 days to clean 2 kms of the river, Venzy has challenged the government to either take up the matter or give him the powers to do so.

While Venzy has been demanding accountability for Sal’s pollution due to sewage water discharge from the STP plant nearby, he has challenged the government to find a single house along the 2 km river bank stretch in his constituency discharging sewage. 

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