If Mhadei diverted, Karnataka will divert 12 more rivers flowing to Goa: Kerkar

म्हादय वळयली जाल्यार कर्नाटक वळयतलें आनीकय 12 न्हंयो : केरकार

07 Nov 2019 06:53 PM

43 per cent of Goans would be deprived of drinking water if Mhadei is diverted by Karnataka. And the neighbouring state has plans also to divert 12 more rivers flowing to Goa, even in the South. But Goa government and politicians are simply not bothered to approve and implement the State Water Policy. This is what Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan Secretary Rajendra Kerkar says.

 While the politics over Mhadei has suddenly started heating up in Goa, Goa365 interviewed veteran environmentalist Rajendra Kerkar, the first one who raised his voice against Karnataka’s ploy to divert Mhadei water to Malparabha river. Why Mhadei issue is so important when Goa has so many rivers?

Dr Nandkumar Kamat resigned from the Abhiyan because Goa government is still not approving the State Water Policy. Kerkar fully supports the demand and alleges that there is absolutely no political will to approve and implement this policy.

Kerkar also spoke on recent developments over Mhadei as well as a new political front formed to fight Mhadei issue. Watch this detailed Straightforward interview after this news bulletin or on our YouTube channel or Facebook page.  

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