Azad Nagari or Babu Nagari? Digambar & Babu clash over name

दिगंबर आनी बाबूचें पेटलें, आझाद नगरी केली परत बाबू नगरी!

08 Oct 2019 06:00 PM

Supporters of Deputy CM Babu Azgaonkar in Madgao celebrated Dasro with a unique kind of Simollanghan. Changing the 13-year old name of Azad Nagari back to Babu Nagari. Madgao MLA and opposition leader Digambar Kamat has refused to comment on it. But Pedne MLA Babu, who lives in Madgao, has fully supported the attempt to change the name to Babu Nagari.

 In 1996, Babu as the Madgao councillor, had succeeded in getting 135 plots for the migrant labourers who were settled in Madgao. On the road of New Railway Station near Rajendra Prasad Stadium. People then started calling it Babu Nagari.

But in 2006, after Digambar shifted over from BJP to the Congress, Madgao municipal council informally decided to call it Azad Nagari.

Now, since Digambar is in the Congress and Babu has joined BJP, suddenly on Monday night, banners of Babu Nagari appeared in the whole locality and lunch was thrown up on the occasion of Dasro. BJP deputy CM Babu Azgaonkar now alleges that Digambar had forcibly changed this name. 


When Goa365 visited the locality, we got mixed reactions on the issue. Some supporting Babu Nagari while few more supporting Azad Nagari.

Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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