Pay parking: will it; won't it

08 Jun 2019 07:30 PM

Parking is a major issue in the capital city. There have been lots of expert opinions that pay parking is a must given the mess in Panaji.

However, even though some roads like 18 June Road, MG road have been notified the city fathers have not been able to restart pay parking.

Now the mayor says he wants to start by July 10. But in the same breath he says that it has to be cleared by the council.

The Council had started pay parking. But whether it is bad planning or just bad luck, the initiative spluttered to a halt and the matter is in court. This time the mayor seems determined. And says he wants to implement pay parking immediately. Watch.

The mayor gave details of which areas which he wants to start pay parking initially and also spoke about the difficulties the council had faced last time.

These are the areas that will become paid parking zones. Watch visuals

Desk: Glenn Costa

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