Francis Pereira acquitted after Kavish, Police probe under scanner

04 Dec 2017 08:55 PM

Remember Francis Pereira? One who was arrested by Police as accused in desecration cases of June this year?

He is being acquitted by the courts in 4 cases, the same cases in which Kavish Gosavi was acquitted few years back. The Police investigation process is now being questioned.  

Francis Pereira was acquitted by courts in several cases on bases of lack of evidence of his involvement.

Adv. Amey Prabhudesai, counsel of Kavish Gosavi who was arrested earlier in desecration cases is of an opinion that Police should have done a more serious job in investigation of these highly sensationalized cases. 

After Kavish Gosavi and Allabaksh, Francis who had earlier confessed about vandalizing the shrines now being acquitted leaves a question unanswered.

SO, who had committed all the acts of desecrations? Is there another entity who had committed these acts still free??

Desk: Mahim Bhandari | Editing:

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