Saligao roads totally gone, locals suffer

21 Jul 2021 05:26 PM

Many road in Goa are no less than death traps. Goa365 has been highlighting the conditions of the roads all over the state in a bid to open the eyes of the authorities and give Goans better roads.

 Now we look at Saligao – and no less than the road in front of a former chief minsiters house – Dr Willy as he was commonly known as. Here are the details.

 The roads at Saligao seem to have more potholes than asphalt. Locals say that the roads here  wear off every year or maximum every two years due to shody work quality. Many a times drivers and riders lives and limbs are at risk in their daily commute. The condition of this road in Saligao is such that that it can barely pass off as a road in a progressive, developed state that Goa is touted to be. Yet driven by compulsion locals have no option but to brave their way through these pothole ridden roads. Watch

 Clive D' Souza for Goa365 from Saligao

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