One house, two Ganapatis: A unique chovoth tradition at Morjim

12 Sep 2021 06:51 PM

Goa is in the Chovoth mood. This festival is not only about celebrations and culture. There are various aspects related to the festival. Here’s a unique aspect. The Shetgaonkar family from Morjim worships two Ganapati idols in the same house, a very rare occurrence.

The Chovoth is the festival which brings people together. Families from all over including those who have settled abroad come together to celebrate Chovoth in their native house.

This story we have heard. But here’s a unique story. No one had heard about families worshipping two Ganapati idols in one house. This is the rare tradition followed by Shetgaonkar family in Morjim. They are one family but worship two different idols.  All rituals are performed separately for these idols. 

There are two separate poojas and two separate arti’s for these idols. The family said these traditions are followed since the last 80 years. This is the fourth generation taking this tradition forward. The family explains the reason behind this. 

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