Bihar migrants seek help of police, left unattended

कोरोनान मरोंग ना, जाल्यार उपासमारेन तरी आमी नक्कीच मरतले! : 500 बिहारी पुलिशेंत

11 May 2020 05:45 PM

Migrant labours are one of the worst hit during the period of lockdown. Now 500 labourers from Bihar want to go back to their homes. They have filled their forms and shown deep urge to return to their native state. They visited Cuncolim police station to seek help but they were not entertained. The labours are in in distress and say if not corona the hunger would kill them.

As all job opportunities are lost due to lockdown. Contractors and landlords have told migrants to leave their rooms. No job, no salary and no cash has led labourers to difficult to earn their daily bread. 500 labourers from Bihar are desperate to go home. 

Bihari youth Muhammad Tanvir has lashed out at government. He said government says food is being provided to needy. However, in reality food is supplied to only 10 persons and government says food is provided 1000 people.   

 UGPD president Radharao Gracias has lashed out on government over the use of quarantine stamps. He says its useless to use same stamp on many people. 

A special Shramik express train left to Udhampur from Thivim railway station with 1055 migrant workers during 8 in the morning on Monday. They were lodged in Peddem sports complex. They were dropped to Thivim railway station by KTC bus after screening them. 

Editing: Bhakti Pai Balgi

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