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15 Nov 2017

CM says coal pollution under control, Vasco-kars say No

Coal pollution in Vasco is well under control and there is no plan to expand coal handling at Mormugao port.

13 Nov 2017

Truckers suspend agitation as Sesa suspends transport plans

The Dharbandoda & Sanvordem Sesa Goa Truck Owners bodies temporarily suspended their agitation on Monday.

12 Nov 2017

Truck Owners decide to intensify agitation, won’t allow transport from Sesa Codli mines

The Sesa Goa Truck Owners bodies of Sanvordem and Dharbandoda have decided to restart their suspended agitation on Monday.

11 Nov 2017

Meeting between Sesa-Truckers fails, Truck Owners to decide on Sunday

The meeting between Sanvordem Sesa truck owners and Sesa Goa officials convened by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in presence of local MLAs on Saturday failed since the mining company did not agree to the terms and price demanded by the truckers.

10 Nov 2017

Don’t want Coal, don’t use electricity: BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday said that those who did not want any coal to come into the state should not use electricity as coal was needed to generate electricity.

09 Nov 2017

Cabral upset over role of alliance MLA in ore truck impasse

Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Nilesh Cabral has hit out at his coalition colleague and neighbouring MLA Dipak Pavaskar for holding back the mining transport on minor issue of diesel rate.

07 Nov 2017

Truck owners stone Vedanta truck at Codli, CM to meet afresh to negotiate rates

Fierce opposition from the truck owners finally compelled the government to have one more final negotiation on the transportation rate of iron ore. Vedanta has been instructed not to transport ore till Sunday.

06 Nov 2017

Mining truckers foil Vedanta attempt to start ore transport, stir continues

Thousands of mining truck owners assembled outside Vedanta’s Codli mine and foiled their attempt to start ore transport from Monday.

04 Nov 2017

No dredging; coal pollution very prominent: Vasco NGO

Vasco NGO, Goa against Coal has said that they would not allow dredging of the Zuari river at any cost.

02 Nov 2017

Mining truck owners to defy CM, come on roads to fight 'outside' trucks

Mining truck owners have decided to defy the chief minister and come on roads.

01 Nov 2017

Govt sticks to Rs12.50 ore transportation rate, 1 truck per family criteria: CM

The Manohar Parrikar government has punctured the demands of mining truck drivers.

27 Oct 2017

If Sesa Goa forcefully starts, we will stop the mining transport: Bicholim Truckers

Bicholim Truck Owners have threatened to stop the mining transport in town if the Sesa Goa Vedanta forcefully starts with the transport on its own without taking them into confidence.

16 Oct 2017

MGP MLA backs truckers' demand to raise transportation rate

Mining has still not started full swing. But the tussle over rates and routes has already heated up.

14 Oct 2017

Will come out on roads if transport rate not increased, mining truckers threaten

Truckers on Saturday threatened to come out on the streets in case the government does not agree to their demand of Rs 14 per tonne per km.

13 Oct 2017

Idle mining trucks to get 8000 Rs per month

Mining Trucks that are idle will get 8000 rupees per month under a new scheme announced by the government.

05 Oct 2017

Truck owners from Sanvordem demands hike in trip rates

The season of monsoons is over. The new mining season is about to begin. The Truck owners from the mining areas are still not happy. They have their own demands. Some want subsidy. While some are asking for rise in trip rate.

03 Oct 2017

Sesa ready to start mining, truck owners demand hike in trip fare

Sesa Goa has assured the truck owners from Sanvordem to start the mining activities within the next three days. However the truck owners have objected to it by demanding a hike in trip fare.

16 Sep 2017

Sea channel opened for barges to carry ore

Minister of Ports Jayesh Salgaocar was all praise for the mining industry.

05 Sep 2017

Relatives of deceased Sesa employee allege pre-planned murder

The issue of death of a Vedanta engineer Umesh Pradhan at its Amona plant is becoming more complicated with his wife alleging that it was a pre-planned murder.

31 Jul 2017

Salcette Truck Association wants either speed governors or GPS

The Salcete truck owners association ferrying ore for Goan mines has demanded that the government keep either GPS navigation or speed governors for mining trucks but not both.

08 Jun 2017

Bicholim municipality cautions miners about rejects flowing down in town

Chairperson of Bicholi municipality Satish Gaokar has written to the mining companies asking them to ensure that no water from the mines or any rejects flowed into Bicholim town during the rains.

02 Jun 2017

Melwani defies SIT summons in mining probe, approaches court

One mining lease owner has decided to defy the Special Investigation Team of Goa police.

02 May 2017

Withdraw consent to handle coal, demands BJP Vasco MLA Carlos

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Vasco Carlos Almeida has demanded that the consent to operate coal handling be withdrawn.

02 May 2017

GF retracts its pro-coal transport stand

Goa Forward has retracted its statement on coal pollution.

29 Apr 2017

Sonshi mining continues despite ban by GSPCB

Mining transport and activities continue as usual in Sonshi despite notices from the Goa State Pollution Control Board to the existing mining leases within the village.

27 Apr 2017

Shift coal handling to Mangalore port: Cong

The Congress party has demanded that the government start importing coal through Mangalore port as it is used in Karnataka.

20 Apr 2017

Sonshi villagers set free after a week

45 Sonshi villagers were released on bail on Thursday. They had spent more than a week in jail.

01 Mar 2017

Coal pollution under control in Vaco: MPT

The Mormugao Port Trust has claimed that coal pollution in the port town of Vacso is under control

22 Nov 2016

Mining Truck owners threaten stir if transport doesn’t start in 8 days

Truck owners from Qepe, Balli, Cunkoli and ambauli have demanded that kavrem mines be made operational as soon as possible.

11 Nov 2016

Mining truck owners oppose to duplication of speed controllers

The mining truck owners have alleged that government is looting them by making it compulsory to install GPS as well as speed governors for controlling speed.